Typology of NTG Expert Opinions

For Steinbeis-Transferzentrum TIB as a service-oriented partner the individual customer’s requirements are the focal point when preparing expert opinions. As a result of many years of experience, Steinbeis-Transferzentrum TIB has available a comprehensive pool of indicators which cover almost all questions and can be adapted to individual requirements asnecessary.

Possible assessment criteria:

  • Marketing possibilities
  • Market risks
  • Technical risks and possibilities for implementation
  • Technical potentials
  • Patents (technical and economic assessment)
  • Plausibility of the planning

Standardized expert opinions

In close cooperation with the clients, we have created several standardized expert opinions which, in various grades of detail, represent the market and technology-relevant aspects that occur most often. They address nearly all the issues  relevant for financing projects.

Preparing individual expert opinions

Complicated projects require individual solutions. The flexible structure of the expert opinion makes it possible for SteinbeisTransferzentrum TIB to set focal points in a targeted manner,  enabling us to respond to individual requirements efficiently.

Standard Expert Opinions

The range of services provided by the Steinbeis-Transfer Centers TIB comprises eight standardized expert opinions. Type A: Brief Expert Opinion
• Technical feasibility
• Basic marketing chances Type B: Expert...


Special Expert Opinions

Steinbeis-Transfer Centers TIB offers special expert opinions for the evaluation of large, complicated projects and for particular issues. In these cases, Steinbeis-Transfer Centers TIB tailors the contents and the procedures specifically to the...


Potential Analysis

The potential analysis analyzes considers both the future potential and competitiveness of products as well as the potential of a company. It is particularly recommended for companies experiencing negative business trends or crisis...