Market- and Technology-Expertise are in demand

The expert opinions of the NTG Network for Market and Technology offered by the Steinbeis-Transfer Centers TIB are targeted at credit institutions, venture capital companies and enterprises. They offer the clients sound expert opinions on technical and market-relevant questions for the projects to be evaluated. 

In preparing the expert opinions, the Steinbeis-Transfer Centers TIB covers a great deal of ground: from the résumé of the opinion, which provides a preliminary overview of the market and technology environment, to the comprehensive analysis detailing market, customers and competitors.

The modular design of the NTG expert opinion system makes it possible to provide an instant, reliable and cost-effective assessment of technologies, which is what the client needs.

For the desired expert opinion Steinbeis-Transfer Centers TIB selects, on an individual basis, the suitable expert from among  1,700 experts  from various technology areas.  We also take care of coordinating the organizational aspects and  qualitative acceptance of the expert opinion.

NTG expert opinions are geared specifically to the demands and requirements of financing-related decisions. Their strengths are based on their structure, i.e., the modular construction and the great care we take in selecting the expert.

Our partners in expertise from science and industry:

  • the Steinbeis Association
  • the Fraunhofer Institute
  • various independent and university research institutions
  • corporate consulting and market research institutes


The advantages of the NTG expert opinion:
• Founding and securing of your financing decisions
• Absolute confidentiality
• Neutrality of the expert opinion
• Modularly constructed...


Fields of Application

An NTG expert opinion should be prepared when a credit or participation check requires additional risk hedging. NTG expert opinions assess
• Marketing chances and marketing risks
• Technical risks...


Types of Expert Opinions

For Steinbeis-Transferzentrum TIB as a service-oriented partner the individual customer’s requirements are the focal point when preparing expert opinions. As a result of many years of experience, Steinbeis-Transferzentrum TIB has available a...